Monday, 25 November 2013

How to Excel in your Engineering studies

Gone are the days that you were concentrating only for marks in your +2 and by hearting subjects for scoring better percentages in the exams. In a professional course like Engineering you should utmost importance to improve your knowledge in the subjects and of course you should also get good percentage. At present, majority of the students don’t realize that what they are going to become in the upcoming future. They merely attend the classes and pass the exams without gaining proper knowledge in their core subjects and as a result of this they will not be offered decent jobs in the MNC’s.

If you are really serious about your future and to settle yourself in a good job then you should work hard with a systematic plan. Given below are some important suggestion to you to excel in your engineering studies.
  •  Have faith in yourself and complete tasks to the best of your ability.
  • Always be a good listener and pay attention to each class and try to grasp the information that is being explained by your lecturers.
  • After a lecture, spend some time on that same topic that to on the same day reviewing the lecture notes. Look back through and think about what was covered and how far you have understood.
  • Never shirk the classes for unnecessary and silly reasons. Be regular to classes every day.
  • Keep on improving your communication skills in English language and various required soft skills for a better life in future.
  • Be active in the class and never allow your mind to roam somewhere.
  • Gain more practical knowledge especially in your laboratories and you know your future employers will appreciate practical experience.  
  •  Find your drawbacks and get them rectified by seeking help from your seniors and teachers.
  •  If you are careful enough in planning and work hard with punctuality and dedication, you will definitely achieve your career goals with ease.
  • By utilizing your English language labs you should polish your spoken English and take participation in group discussion, debates, And JAM sessions etc.
  • Do not indulge in any illegal activities. Any minor incident may totally ruin your future.
  • Compare notes and discuss concepts with your study partners regularly.
  • Never forget that your parents do have some expectations on you and never let them down with your performance in the studies.

***Wish you all good luck***

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  1. In any professional course English language plays an important role to understand the things we need. It’s very important for future engineers to understand how their work.