Saturday, 16 November 2013

Presentational Skills tips

  1. If you make a mistake in presentation, don’t worry or think much about it, just on with a smile.
  2.  Encourage and involve your audience by asking questions.
  3.  If possible, make everybody turn OFF their electronic devices.
  4. If you are presenting your topic with power point presentation, don’t simply read your slides, which will not create a good impression in your audience mind.
  5. Try to encourage your audience at the beginning.
  6. Don’t spend too long worrying about voice and hand gestures.
  7.  Make sure that your speeches are entertaining and informative.
  8. Try to maintain eye contact will almost everyone in the room.
  9. In case your presentation is a longer one, explain your points with the help of short stories.
  10. It is not necessary to memorize every single word you are going to say in your presentation. Instead, memorize the main points of the information you want to get across.
  11. To improve your presentation skills, keep your presentation moving and keep it to a reasonable length of time.
  12. Practice well before hand so that your presentation will surely good. 

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