Friday, 22 November 2013

One Sample JAM Session

Here is a sample Jam session topic for you to have some understanding. Just go through it and you will get some knowledge regarding with JAM sessions.

Is Religion an obstacle to God?

Good morning my dear friends. I do think that now-a-days religion is really becoming an obstacle to God rather being a gateway to God. This is so because we have lost touch with the real sense of religion. In modern times, religion is reduced to either a divisive or a ritualistic formula. Most of the religions today, rather than emphasizing the eternal human values, peaceful and honest living, brotherhood etc., and try to stress their fixation for a particular doctrine, and as a result of this some believers are getting alienated. In addition to these, in the name of faith and God some superstitions are blindly followed by the people. In my considered opinion, all the religions should try their level best to emphasize the universal values of love, compassion, tolerance, and non-violence; otherwise the religion will remain as an obstacle or hurdle to discover the ultimate truth, reality, or God. Thank you one and all for you kind attention and patient listening to me.

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