Friday, 1 November 2013

Ways to improve Communication Skills

Improving Communication Skills

Effective English Communication Skills are vital to all the professional students to enhance their academic performance, employability and personal effectiveness. With the sufficient knowledge in their respective subjects is not only sufficient at the moment, but having good command over English Communication skills are urgently required for the present generation students. Even the employers are also very keen on recruiting the candidates those who possess a right mix of technical skills and soft skills. Hence keeping these factors in the mind the present day professional students should work hard to augment these required skills.

How to improve Communication Skills?

There are many ways to improve one's communication skills. Here are the seven most important tips to develop one's communication skills with in short span of time.

 Listen carefully: This is the first tip which cannot be overlooked. It is said by somebody that one cannot become a good communicator unless one is good listener. It is absolutely correct and effective communication will not take place until and unless a message is heard and retained thoroughly and positively by the receivers/listeners. Most of the people are not aware of the significance of listening and they do not pay much attention while listening and eventually it leads to assumptions and misunderstandings.

 Read extensively: Francis Bacon has rightly opined that Reading makes a man complete. By reading the news papers, magazines, stories, novels and articles that are in English one can tremendously improve his vocabulary and also communication skills. But unfortunately people are hardly find leisure time to read. Do not forget reading is an important dimension of communication and by reading extensively one can also reap other benefits such as - analytical thinking, reducing stress, gaining more knowledge, getting relaxation etc.

 Write about something daily: Keep on writing about something or somebody daily and in course of time you will notice that your verbal communication skills are also improved. In the initial stage write dairy in English, simple letters, short stories and your feelings etc. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, the more you writing the more effective communicator you will become.

 Start speaking in English: Do not think negatively about yourself that you cannot communicate well in English, instead keep on trying and speak in English with the people you are familiar and unfamiliar with. You may struggle for a few days and as the time passes you can surely be transformed into effective communicator.

 Do not ignore Grammar: In the beginning stage what is advisable is you should speak with somebody in English without thinking much about making mistakes. But this does not mean you can neglect Grammar rules. Grammar is the most important part of any language. By learning grammar rules you can speak confidently without least hesitation. Hence focus on Grammar rules also.

 Improve your vocabulary: This is another most important thing that you should not ignore. Many a times you might have noticed that you cannot communicate well due to lack of adequate vocabulary. Try to learn at least three new words daily from the dictionary. This will improve you vocabulary.

 Make friendship and chat: Make friendship with more people those who are good at English communication skills and try to chat with them for some time daily, this will boost up your confidence level and within a short span of time you can also speak naturally.

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