Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tips for Telugu medium students to Improve Communication skills

  • Telugu medium students have been suffering from negative attitude towards learning communication skills. First of all, have confidence in yourself that you can be perfect in communication skills.
  • Lack of interest to learn is another important reason. Try to develop your interest to learn communication skills effectively.
  •  Due to lack of motivation, the rural area students do not generally come forward to improve their communication skills. So motivate yourself always.
  • Cannot be able to mingle with good speaking students is also one more reason. Keep on mingling with the students who speak good English so that you can develop your communication skills within no time.
  •  Have more patience and work very hard in order to improve your communication skills which will not happen overnight.
  • Try to enroll in some Institute which offers speaking as well as writing courses in English
  • To start with one has to make a habit of reading. Read anything in English from the field of your interest.
  • Work on the grammar rules and sentence structures regularly.
  • Make it a habit of reading English newspaper daily for not less than twenty minutes even if you understand very less.

With these tips I believe you will certainly develop your communication skills soon. 

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