Sunday, 24 November 2013

Speaking English is Easy!

English is very easy to learn. All you need to do is train yourself to speak English daily by practicing a lot. To learn any other Indian language is rather difficult when compared to learning English. The reason is you have already learned many words and sentences in English language. With hard work, systematic plan, commitment and confidence you can easily learn English and become a fluent speaker within two or month’s duration.

Follow these tips to develop your English speaking skills with full dedication.

  • Find out a friend who also wants to improve his/her English and spend much of your time with him/her by talking only in English language but not in your mother tongue.
  •  Read a book with lots of dialogues in English regularly so that you can gain an understanding you a sentence is constructed.
  •  Learn the basics in English Grammar to avoid mistakes while speaking.
  •  Listen carefully to the people who speak good English. The more you listen the more you will learn quickly.
  • Try keeping a diary; write something in English in it every day, even if it’s very simple. Start with small sentences and make them longer.
  •  Try to teach some English basic concepts you already know is a great way of permanently fixing that knowledge in your own brain.
  • Never suppress your zeal of speaking English. Keep on talking in English always this is the key to success.
                                                                    *All the Best*

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