Friday, 1 November 2013

Crack GD's with Easy tips

Tips to participate in GD’s

Group Discussions have become an integral part of the most selection processes and it is viewed the most dangerous part in the process of interview by many candidates. With the help of this tool the recruiters find out various skills of the candidates. As a matter of fact, it is not that much difficult to be successful in Group discussions and one can easily take effective participation in GD’s by following a few tips.

Some Important Tips:

• Try to initiate the GD before other do so and by initiating you will give a positive signal to the interviewer/observer/moderator. In case if you have less idea about the topic given stay calm and let the other members to initiate it.
• Always maintain eye contact with all the participants without fail. You will be distrusted by them if you are failed to maintain proper eye contact. Avoid making eye contact with the moderator.
• Be friendly with the other participants and never be rude and impolite towards them. Forget not that each participant’s views are equally important just as yours.
• When a participant started expressing his/her view, do not interrupt in the middle and let him/her finish the view or opinion and then you can seek clarification later.
• Take care of your body language cues such as – posture, eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, body movements etc.
• Listen carefully to the comments or views that are being expressed by the other participants.
• Express your views and feelings very clearly so that you can reduce the misunderstandings to the maximum extent.
• Overcome your fear and shyness. Be always positive while you are participating in GD and have confidence in yourself.
• Avoid wearing informal dresses and fancy dresses instead wear formal dresses only.
• Your active involvement in the GD is very important and must keep on exchanging your views confidently whenever an opportunity comes to you.
• In case if you can’t accept the view/comment/idea that is expressed by the other participants you may disagree but do it politely. I wish to remind you one beautiful thing here i.e. anything can be refused in the world but politely.
• You have to stick on to the topic strictly and always speak relevantly rather than irrelevantly.
• Take care of your voice and its pitch.
• Use simple vocabulary and avoid using jargon.
• Keep your arguments short and concise as much as possible.
• Offer a good conclusion if you can by considering the other participants views also.

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