Friday, 15 November 2013

Brush up your Debating Skills

What is a debate?

A debate involves a discussion of the pros and cons of an issue.  Debating successfully is all about using argument and persuasion to convince other people that your views are right.

Some useful debating tips:

ü  Read extensively about different topics in the newspapers so that you can involve very easily in debate and can also succeed.
ü  Use logic to develop your case and make your points.
ü  Think and try to guess about what the counter arguments are likely to be, so that you can work out your case well in advance.
ü  Be open minded and prepared to change your opinion if it is proved wrong.
ü  Don't get drawn into personal attacks.
ü  Stick to the subject being debated.
ü  When debating you should never raise your voice. An argument is not won by the person with the loudest voice, it is won by the person with the most compelling arguments.
ü  Your manner will play an important role. There are a few techniques that make any speaker more engaging: make eye contact with the audience, don’t speak too quickly and don’t just read from your notes!
ü  Listen carefully to points or questions raised by other speakers.
ü  Be confident throughout the debate. Projecting the confidence is vital.

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