Sunday, 3 November 2013

Communicative problems of Professional Students

Lack of confidence: Of late, good communication skills are absolutely vital for everyone for the successful career. Confidence is the key to success. Majority of the engineering students’ especially Telugu medium and rural area students are found lack of confidence. Interestingly I have come across a few students who are good at English speaking are also unable to speak well by standing before audience due to lack of confidence. It is necessary on the part of engineering students to overcome this hurdle by developing self confidence in themselves.

The Psychological pressure: I have also heard another common most important communicative problem among the engineering students is the psychological pressure of making mistakes in the presence of their classmates. By having these kinds of psychological feelings, the students are unable to communicate effectively.

Lack of exposure to English speaking: Since their childhood the students have been speaking in their respective dialects or mother tongue and they do not have proper exposure to speaking in English.

Fear and shyness: The surprising note is that most of the engineering students are basically strong in their academic but poor in the segments of communication skills. As a result of this, they do have fear and shyness while communicating with others. Due to these twin hurdles they may remain as ineffective communicators.

Inadequate practice: This is considered another very important problem among the engineering students. In spite of the fact that they are lagging behind in communication skills, they do not practice more. They are quite aware that they word power is inadequate, poor in sentence construction, poor in listening skills etc. Only a few students who are very serious about their bright future and career will practice well and eventually succeed in their endeavours.

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