Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Tips to develop Slow learners

By following the suggestions or guidelines or remedies I strongly hope that the English teachers can effectively manage and develop the slow learners in an efficient way. 

  •  By following the suggestions or guidelines or remedies we strongly hope that the English teachers can effectively manage and develop the slow learners in an efficient way.
  • The effective way to motivate your students is to get them to take a hard look at themselves and determine their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • If you can share your enthusiasm to the students they will easily get motivated. You should not forget this guiding principle and always be excited about your teaching.
  • There is no other form of motivation that works quite as well as encouragement. Keep on encouraging the slow learners especially even if they have committed mistakes in the class.
  • Work out a separate plan for the slow learners. Make each session lively and interesting and gradually work on raising their level. Do not get disheartened if you find they are not following you as expected.
  • You will need a tighter lesson plan because slow learners cannot usually think very creatively or spontaneously.  You should work toward these qualities but more careful planning is needed.
  • The more the lesson’s content is concrete, visual, familiar, and personally interesting to the students, the better. 
  • Look for opportunities to make the lesson fun.  Relaxed learners learn better.
  • Encourage students to ask for further explanations or examples, or just to announce whenever they still don’t understand lesson’s learning point.
  • Modify materials to meet the needs of slow learners, reduce distracting information in class materials, and plan work at the appropriate level for success.
  • Since slow learners struggle with focus, make the times of learning compact, and do several smaller segments of learning rather than one long session.
  • While students working at an average or above-average pace can grasp a concept with one worksheet or a brief explanation, to help a slow learner master their lessons you'll need to do more than just what is assigned by the curriculum.
  • According to experts, repetition is a key to a slow learner's success. According to Erin King, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, "It may feel like you are saying the same thing over and over, but it helps make the concept concrete."
  • To the maximum extent, the slow learners should not be scolded or punished for his/her performance in the class.
  • Use as many mediums to convey information: oral, written, teacher demonstration, student demonstration, etc.
  •  It is good to say something in clear, concise English; it is even better to have a picture or visual to use while you are speaking that reinforces what you are saying.
  • Observe your students carefully. If you are not sure whether they understand, it is a good idea to paraphrase, summarize, or use synonyms to aid their comprehension.
  • Don't speak too fast, and if a student tells you they didn't understand what you said, never, ever repeat the same thing in a louder voice, and instead explain their doubt with soft voice.

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