Thursday, 21 November 2013

Conquer your fear of Speaking English

Most of you may have fear to speak before audience. Do you know why? There are many reasons – one of the important reasons is fear. The present article of mine helps you to conquer your fear of speaking English with easy tips. Come on, go ahead!
  •  If you are not very confident and you generally tend to be a bit on the shy side, you can find it very intimidating when speaking English and you may automatically make mistakes. So be confident and brave enough always.
  • Don’t get anxious and imagine unnecessarily that you can’t speak well. This sort of negative feeling will surely make you a loser but not a winner. Overcome anxiety with positive attitude.
  • Lack of vocabulary is also one of the reasons people are afraid of speaking English and they get discouraged to start a conversation. Learn at least four or five new words every day and in due course of time you will learn more and more words and with this ability you can communicate better.
  •  Picture yourself as a successful English speaker; visualize yourself being smooth and confident when speaking! As soon as you start picturing yourself as a fluent speaker of English, you will dominate your fear and perform superbly.
  •  I think you should practice grammar so that you can construct a sentence instantly and speak desperately without thinking about your errors .Just be careful about that whether you are able to convey your message or not.
  •  Prepare well in advance about the topic/subject that you are going to talk.

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