Sunday, 15 December 2013

Perform well in your Exams!

My dear student friends as you are going to write your exams within couple of days, I wish to give you some hints/tips to perform well in your Examinations.
  • You should design your own time-table which directs all the material that has to be covered within the time.
  • Tough subjects should be given more hours and easier ones should be given less hours by you.
  • You should overcome fear and stress to perform well in the exams.
  • Try to meditate or pray to God well before the exam which will help you to relax your mind and also you will get some positive energy.
  • Don’t forget to sleep well and eat well.
  • Write your answers neatly and legibly.
  •  Never leave the examination hall early, write answers by guessing even if you don’t know the exact answers.
  • Understand the question carefully before answering.
All the Best for your exams!

Byreddy Balaji Reddy
Senior Lecturer in English.

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