Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Improve your English by reading Newspaper

There are many interesting ways that one can apply to improve his/her English Communication skills. Reading English newspaper regularly is one among them and there are many significant benefits if one reads newspapers.

How to improve your English by reading newspapers?

  • Choose a newspapers that suits you best. Reading the standard newspaper like – The Hindu is little bit difficult for you to understand. So select the newspaper which uses simple language and simple words. I suggest you to read The Hans India or The Deccan Chronicle newspapers in the initial stage.
  • Then read the newspaper for at least 30 minutes daily.
  •  Note down difficult words and learn their meanings with the help of a dictionary.
  •  While going through the sentences observe very carefully how they are written.
  • Guess the meaning of the words that you don’t understand. Don’t refer to a dictionary immediately.
  • Try to use the words and sentences/expressions that you read in the newspapers in your day-to-day conversations.
  •  Make it a regular habit of reading newspaper. You will not witness much progress if you give up this habit.
  • Don’t try to read the entire newspaper. Select any 3 or 4 articles and read them slowly by understanding each and every word and sentence.
  • Although it is a newspaper don’t read it like that; instead read the newspaper of English just like your academic subjects.
  • If possible write your views/suggestions and send them to the Editors by e-mail.
  • Keep a pocket note book and enter the new words and expressions that you learn every day by reading newspapers of English.
  • Revise them (the new words and expressions) at least twice in a month. If you have forgotten them, this sort of revision will help you to recollect them again.

                 ***ALL THE BEST***

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