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Model Group Discussion

Model Group Discussion 


No.1:  Good morning friends, the subject before us is “English should be made the official language” and I would like to favour the topic as English, besides being international language, is also an important and powerful language. English has taught us international understanding. If it is replaced by Hindi, we will be confined to the boundaries of our own states and the country. This can lead to disintegration and it is only English which can act as a unifying factor. Moreover, in a country like India, where different languages are spoken and the dialect changes after every 100 kilometers, English should act as a language of communication as the majority of the people speak English, at least those who run the administration. Many a people think that those who speak English are cut off from the masses and the mainstream of democracy, but this is more of a misconception than fact. Moreover, the learning of English is assuming importance as people have started realizing the importance of the language. Thank you.
No.4:  Well friends, my previous speaker has strongly advocated the need of English as official language but in my opinion, Hindi should be made the official language. We should not forget that the identity of a nation lies in its language and it should be noted that all countries have their own language – be it China, Russia, France or Germany. Moreover, it is the mother’s tongue to more than one-fourth of the population, which makes it easy to understand and communicate. It is an acceptable language and also the language of the masses, plus it is easier to learn Hindi than English. As a matter of fact, even in the south, though people speak their own language, yet they still watch Hindi movies which itself speak volumes about the popularity of the language. Thank you.
No.7:  I fully agree with my previous speaker and since he has justified his statement pretty well, I would like to add a couple of points to it. English as a language has been thrust on us by the British because prior to that Urdu or Persian was the language but Hindi also existed. Hindi as a language reflects the culture of India and was a unifying language during the freedom struggle. Moreover, after freedom, it was decided to introduce Hindi as an official language but barring a few government organizations, nothing much has been done. The politicians due to their vested interests have revived local patriotism after the formation of linguistic states, which has resulted in people asserting the claims of regional language. The feeling of dislikeness for Hindi is more hyped as majority of the people watch Hindi films and Hindi programmes on TV and listen to Hindi songs; so why not make Hindi as an official language? Thank you.
No.9:  Yes, No.7 perfectly said. That’s what I feel too.
No.8:  Friends, I also fully agree with my previous speakers that Hindi should be made the official language as majority of India lives in the villages and we cannot expect them to speak in English. The resolution of the Congress Working Committee suggesting the application: of three-tier language formula which includes Hindi, English and mother-tongue, is required by a candidate seeking entry into the civil services is the best solution as this would remove apprehensions about the inequality between the Hindi speaking and non-Hindi-speaking people. Hindi also exhibits a national unity and hence I feel that Hindi should be made essential for all Indians. Thank you.
No.10: In my opinion English and Hindi both should be made official languages. That’s all.
No.3:  Friends, I feel that all this talk about Hindi be made as an official language by my previous speakers tells a lot about their apprehensions for their language. English is a universal language and most of the technical books like Engineering, Medical or Management are basically in English. Moreover, we cannot limit ourselves to the confines of the national boundaries by saying that we should speak Hindi. I would also like to enlighten my friends that it is grammatically much easy to speak English than Hindi. I fully accept the views that are expressed by No.1

No.8:  As my previous speaker has said that English is easy to learn than Hindi, then why is it that Russian and Chinese which are considered to be most difficult languages are spoken by the citizens of Russia and China?
No.1:  My friends, you should try to understand that in spite of the geographical size of the both the countries the density of population is less compared to India and all the citizens speak the same language as they have no other language. However, in Hindi itself, we have different dialects like Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Brijbhasa and so on, hence it becomes difficult to make Hindi as the official language.
No.6:  Well friends, speaking English is a degeneration of our culture. As a matter of fact, speaking English has become a status symbol. I am sure that 90 percent of the people, who listen to English songs or watch English movies, do not even understand. English is spoken by hypocrites and shams. Moreover, most of our friends speak fluent English because, sadly, even today we are in love with English. Thank U.
No.2:  I am of the opinion that English should be made the official language and I strongly believe that speaking English does not harm our culture at all. As also, the freedom struggle was won on the basis of English language which was the language of communication between the British and the Indian leaders. The best of the literary works are also available in English. So one should not shy from the fact that English is an essential language. Thank you.
No.5:  I feel that Hindi should be made the official language as I strongly feel that the proponents of English language do not have a sense of patriotism and hence we are now becoming phirangi..such people should be put behind the bars as speaking English is anti-national. Thank you.

ANALYSIS:  Selected Speaker Nos. 1, 4, 7 and 3.

Speaker 1:  Initiative taking and putting strong reasons and logical arguments.
Speaker 4:  To the point and good argument.
Speaker 7:  Sound knowledge.
Speaker 3:  Thought provoking and concise.

prepared by: B. Balaji Reddy, Asso. Prof, SVPCET, PUTTUR

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