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HR Interview Different Q & A

HR Interview Questions and Different Answers

Tell me about yourself ?
Good morning Sir/Madam.

Thanks for giving a good opportunity to introduce myself.

This is Sahul from Chennai, I completed my MCA in DACE with aggregate 71%. I have done my project in Softlogic systems using Java swing and MySQL. I have done my B.Sc in New College at Royapettah.

My strength is enthusiastic and energetic person in nature, I am interesting to learn new technologies, that is my passion. I am flexible person to work with any kind of team that is one of my strength.

My weakness is once I involved in my work I never distracted until I finish my work. In my family there are 5 members, my father is a business man and my mother is Homemaker. I have two elder brothers.

My hobbies is surfing internet, playing android games.

That's all about myself, Thank you.

Goodmorning sir.

This is srinivas from guntur, I did my schooling in loyola high school with agg 87%, completed intermediate in vikas junior collge with 95% agg,

I complemented my B-Tech in narasaraso peta engineering college with 78% as electronics and communication as specialization.

My strengths are quickly learner, love to learn new things. My weakness are didn't feel comfortable when I did't finish my work in given time.

My family background is father is former, mother is homemaker. Sister is pursing B.Tech.

My hobbies are watching TV, reading news papers, browsing internet.

That's all about myself.

Thanking you sir.

Good morning/afternoon sir/madam.

It's my pleasure to introduce about myself to you.

I'm Gobinath Uthirakumar hailing from Erode district, Tamilnadu and currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in Kongu college of Engg.

I did my schooling in Grace Matric higher secondary school, Erode with 12th aggregate of about 91% and 10th aggregate of about 90%.

I have keen interest in playing Throwball and Coin collection. I had participated in state level Throwball tournaments and secured lot of prizes.

My area of interests are digital electronics & Microprocessors and.

I have good programming knowledge in C and OOPS using C++.

My strengths are quick learner, positive attitude and I love to learn new things out of my comfort zone.

My short term goal is to get placed in a reputed company as like yours, where I can enhance my skills and knowledge along with organisation growth and my long term goal is to attain a respectable position where an organisation never want to lose me at any circumstances.

Coming to my family, my father is an agriculturalist and my great inspiration too, my mother is a homemaker and my sister is working as a teacher in private concern.

That's all about me sir.

Thank you sir.

Why should I hire you?

Sir, I have an interest to work in my dream company like yours. I have qualities what an organization expected from me, and you can mould me as you like based on my domain interest. And lastly I believe myself and able to give what you expected from me.

I have the required qualifications for the job. I am hardworking, honest and I can adapt to any working conditions. I am a quick learner. I have good communication as well as soft skills. I assure you that, if I am hired, I will do the job with the best of my ability and dedication that will help me in my development as well as your organisation's growth.

Well sir, the current vacancy you have and qualification i have both of match to each other. and sir if you hire me for this post i will prove myself as an important part of organization.. and i also have good qualities like i am hard worker, quick learner, good communicator and listener.. and due to my friendly nature i can match quickly in any organization.. that`s all sir..

I am a fresher and possess all the required qualification like others but the things that makes me unique are my quick adaptability of new environments and my extreme hard work in stressed conditions. I possess extraordinary communication skills as I have a hobby of talking to new people every day. I like to accept new challenges and can surely assure you that I will employ my each and every skill to make your organization more successful.

Sir, Every organisation's need is the best employee who can give each & every best effort for the development of the company and every honest employee needs such company that values his/her efforts and that employee always ready to do every task/effort that make company higher valuable.

So, its my thinking and I also want to provide my best effort towards the growth of the company.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

- Sound Technical Knowledge
- Effective Communication
- Good analytical ability
- Task once undertaken is accomplished perfectly
- Can work for long time without tire and frustration
- Hard and Smart worker
- Reliable and honest personality
- Can work in group or individually to accomplish assigned task
- Good ability to get work done through people i.e. management skill
- Exceptional presentation skill
- Can give excellent results even with limited resource availability
- Never take decision and actions hap hazardously without thinking
about its results in future
- Religious mindset improves internal power and gives divine
motivation to get desired results for any task undertaken


- Because of habit of giving perfect results, sometimes little more time is needed to accomplish any target
- Straight forward personality may be obstacle in strategic and political environment

Strength :

1 Confidence, Optimistic, Positive Attitude.

2 Co-operative, Committed for any task.

Weakness :

My weakness is self satisfaction; I don't give up until I finish my work with perfection.

Why do you want to work at our company?

Your company is one of the most reputed company in a country. This is the best platform for me to utilize my knowledge and to acquire more knowledge. This is the place where I can get my dreams start. And I am sure that my contribution will be the part of company's growth.

Sir I am dreaming about this company from my early days and for me this is my dream job. I am passionate about this company and according to me if you work in your dream company then you will give your 100% and that is what you need for your company.

Your company is one of the most reputed company in a country. This is the best platform for me to utilize my knowledge and to acquire more knowledge. This is the place where I can get my dreams start. And I am sure that my contribution will be the part of company's growth.

Sir, I'm fresher and I have need to use my theoretical knowledge, by joining I can have best use of it, as seeing company profile I realized that it is a nice platform for a fresher to enhance their creativity.

Sir, as I told everything about me till now, I am a fresher and have dreaming to improve my knowledge in a good reputed company. Your company is one of the leading company. And it has so many talented employees and making their lives colorful and successful. So a want to be a part of your company and improve my theoretical knowledge into practical one.

What are your goals?

My goal is to join an esteemed organization like yours and to prove myself suitable for the position enrolled, with my knowledge & skills.

And also I would like to be a part of the company in all its success & honors and to perceive myself in a good position professionally & personally which would be a result of my dedication & skills.

I want a good start in a company like yours & assume those responsibilities & roles which will use & improve my skills & capabilities. I want to work with great energy & enthusiasm for the growth of both my career as well as the company I join.

My short term goal is to be placed in a reputed organisation like this which uses my skill and knowledge for company growth as well as my career growth.

And my long term goal is to be a more knowledgeable and skilled person than what I am today.

Short term goal:

Sir, I want to get a good job based on my skills, and maintain family responsibility happily.

Long term goal:

Sir, I want to seek a challenging position in your reputed organisation in order to benefit and increase the productivity of your organisation.

My short term goal is to get the job in your organization.

My long term goal is want to see myself as reputed position in this organization. & I give my best at every level of my position. I want to become a part of this organization success.

How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

I wish to work with this reputed company as long as I am able to utilize my skills and knowledge in different areas. I will find my career growth opportunity here and this will definitely create a long term relation with your company.

I would like to for a long time as long as you and I feel that I am working in good manner.

If you recognize my work and potential, I will be there with you always as long as you want me to stay in the company. It will be a long term commitment.

I would love to be a part of the company as long as my potentials and skills benefit both of us. I would like to stay for long time to gain my recognition and help in the growth of the industry by using my skills.

I feel lucky myself on getting opportunity to work for a reputed organization.

The expectations are also fresh with a new organization joining. I shall be working with organization till my work performance leading the company towards high production of product dispatch and till when company will really need of me and my skills to proceed the reputation in market. I shall be working here till the end of my professional career.

Tell me something about our company.

Your company is highly proceeding and as I have heard about that your company has got reward for healthy and safe work environment.

Each the activity is done under implementation of standard operating procedures. Which is most important to lead the any organization towards target achieving.

Relevant safety and security rules and regulations are followed and supported by each of employee and worker.

Sir, It is one of the reputed and fast growing company. It has a so many branches in India as well as throughout the world. Basically this will give great opportunities to build my carrier in very right manner in my area of interest. So I would like to contribute my skills for further development of this company and for the growth of our economy.

TCS is the largest and fast growing IT company in India.

Currently RATAN TATA is the chairman of TCS. and DAMDORAI is the vice chairman, N CHANDRASEKARAN is the CEO &MD .

TCS has developed in the year 1969.It has 142 branches all over the world in around 42 countries. Around 1lack 98thousand employees working in TCS right now.

and it is one of the motivating IT company and it is currently undertaking _ _ _ _ _ project ..  That’s all i know sir.

prepared by: B. Balaji Reddy, Asso.Prof., SVPCET, PUTTUR

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