Monday, 3 March 2014

Problems for Ineffective Communication

  • Poor Vocabulary: If the vocabulary is limited, then we use the same words again and again. Also we find our self-struggling with words. A good vocabulary helps the speaker to use multiple words for conveying the same message. Keeping this in mind, we should develop our vocabulary time to time.
  • Lack of practice: By having good English material and knowing how to improve communication is not enough, you have to practice it consistently and then only you can be successful as a good speaker in English.
  • Fear & anxiety: Most of the people get over anxious when asked to speak in front of many people. The more you believe that speaking in front of a crowd is difficult, the more difficult it will be.
  • Issue of reputation getting damaged: It happens that when we are unable to speak clearly and fluently or even make mistakes in basic sentences, then people laugh at us. This damages our reputation in our own eyes. This is one of the biggest fears which need to be conquered.
  • Memory loss while speaking in English: When we are over anxious in speaking, then our memory also vanishes. We forget the basic lines that we had learn by heart. This happens a lot of time to many people. Stay calm, and tell your brains that it's all right to converse normally. If you can handle your anxiety, then the effect of memory loss is very much minimized.
  • People will laugh at me: If you think that people will laugh at you in case if you make a mistake, you can’t speak fluently. So just erase the feeling from your mind and try to speak in English whenever you get an opportunity.

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