Sunday, 2 February 2014

My English Learning Experince!


I request you to please read this entire article patiently which will help you a lot.

At the outset, I want to tell you one thing that I was not good speaker of English for about a decade ago. I kept on thinking what I should do in order to speak reasonably correct English without any flaws. “Necessity is the mother of invention” – this is absolutely a correct proverb. I wished strongly that I wanted to learn & speak English – that intensity & desire simply laid a path and made me a good speaker of English.

Remember, my dear friends! If you are sincere, hardworking and dedicated to your work or life God will always extends his support and will show you a way!

Coming back to my learning experience of English language – firstly, I joined a spoken English institute but was failed to learn English. The second and third attempts were also failures only. But fortunately in the fourth attempt, I happened to meet a good Master and with his tips and instructions at last I learned English. During my learning process of English language I did following things regularly without fail –
  1. Learning English Grammar rules with utmost care.
  2. Using and implementing these rules with the people whom I knew very well.
  3. Carefully observing each and every sentence how it is formed.
  4. Listening to the people who are good at English without allowing a single thought.
  5. Reading more and more novels especially of the greatest R.K. Narayan’s and English newspapers for two hours daily.
  6. Continuously trying to improve my vocabulary.
  7. Never thought negatively about myself and my knowledge despite the fact that I was from Telugu medium background.

With these types of practices I have learned English within no time. So, my dear precious student friends – you must have a strong desire and zeal to learn English and work hard sincerely by putting all your efforts. This is THE SECRET TO LEARN ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

Wishing you all the very best!
Yours –

Byreddy Balaji Reddy, 
Senior Lecturer in English.

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