Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Suggestions to NTSE Students for scoring Good marks in English

Getting qualified in NTSE Examination is a sort of dream for thousands of students. Candidly speaking it’s not that easy to crack this exam but it’s not impossible to the students who are dedicated, determined and works hard with a systematic plan to study. Here a few important guidelines for scoring better marks in English which is allotted 50 marks.

1.      Comprehension passages are given much weight age. Three passages will be given for 15 marks and they will likely to confuse the students a lot. In addition they will consume more time. Hence the students are advised not to attempt them at the beginning of exam instead, do them after writing answers for all other questions. Start answering questions that you (students of NTSE) feel little bit easier to do. 
2.      You should not forget time duration at any cost. Total time is only 45 minutes for all 50 questions. So you must not be exceeding more than 50 to 55 seconds for each question.
3.      Be active, careful, quick, smart and analytical when writing answers. Make sure you have chosen the right option.
4.      Don’t waste your time for reading the whole questions paper before beginning to answer the questions.
5.      Remember, your presence of mind is utmost important in Competitive Exams. Think, Analyze, Understand and Attempt writing answers to the questions.
6.       Give a strong caution to your mind that it should not make even a single mistake as each question itself is considered very important and hence instruct your mind to be very Active and Smart during the exam.
7.      Choosing correct option for certain questions is not really easy. In that case, you can spend 30 more seconds and try to guess seriously what would be right answer. Read the question again and again and you will get some clue. Then go ahead, luckily, this plan will work out sometimes.
8.      Last but not least, never lose confidence in you even if you get a tough paper. Let me remind you, your mind can face and handle it. Just focus on questions and slowly attempt writing answers. Swami Vivekananda used to say “Whatever you believe that you will be, if you think that you are capable of doing anything you can otherwise you can’t.”

Wish you all Good Luck!!!

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