Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Brave Potter Study Material for tenth class



1.     What did the tiger think the mysterious creature was? Why did he allow himself bound around the neck with a thick rope?
A.   The tiger thought that the mysterious creature was the ‘leak’. While staying at a temporary shelter the tiger heard the woman’s remarks about the leak that was a very terrible creature. Assuming himself that the leak would be really dangerous and would kill him, the tiger allowed himself bound around the neck with a thick rope.
2.     What made the potter angry? What made him more angry?
A.   When the storm began the drunken potter suddenly remembered that he had left his donkey tied under a tree. He rushed out to take the animal into the stable. But to his surprise, he could not discover his donkey except the chain that was left over there. This made the potter angry. In addition to this, the potter had to walk through the wet forest. As it was dark, he often stumbled over roots and fallen branches. His each step made him more angry.
3.     Why did the king make the potter the General of the Army?
A.   A war broke out between the potter’s country and a much stronger neighbor. The king realized that his army was not strong enough to save his country from defeat. He barely needed a hero to lead his entire army. Fortunately one of the ministers remembered the story of the brave potter and his bravery. On hearing this news, the potter was made the General of the Army with immediate effect.
4.     Why do you think the sentry feels that the potter is a giant?
A.   When the sentry sees the potter galloping towards the camp with a tree in one hand and his reins in the other, he thinks that the horse rider must be the General who captured a tiger with his bare hands. He also thinks that he is a giant as he has uprooted a tree with only one hand.
5.     Do you think that the potter is really brave or lucky? Give your reasons.
A.   I think the potter is really very lucky. When we consider the tiger’s incident, he did not notice any difference between the donkey and a tiger as he had drunk palm-wine. Frightened with the thought that it was ‘leak’, the tiger did not harm him. Secondly, in horse-riding incident also the potter did not even know how to ride a horse. When he was being taken to the enemy’s camp, he tried harder than ever to stop the horse. But luck favoured him a lot again. The enemy soldiers and their kind fled bylooking a tree in one hand and by recollecting his bravery act of tying a tiger up with the iron chain.
6.     What is the most humorous and thrilling incident in the story? Write the incident and say why it is humorous and thrilling.
A.   The most humorous and thrilling incident in the story is the potter’sriding the tiger. By frightening extremely with the false assumption, the tiger did not harm the potter even if he was scolded, cursed and kicked. The potter was also not in his senses because he had drunk palm-wine and was not aware of what he was doing. Even he pulled hard on the rope to tell tiger which way to go. This entire incident is indeed humorous and thrilling.
7.     Why did the villagers thank the potter? (March -2015)
A.   The villagers thanked the potter for having caught the tiger and tied it to a tree in his yard. They had tried to catch this creature for many years for the reason that he had eaten their goats and buffaloes.
8.     Why did the potter decide to practice riding the horse? (March - 2015)
A.   The potter decided to practice riding the horse because he did not ride a horse at least for once in his life time. Moreover, people would laugh at him if he fell off while riding the horse.
9.     What made the potter a hero? (March - 2015)
A.    I strongly feel that only ‘luck’ made the potter a hero in spite of some other versions.

prepared by:
B. Balaji Reddy,
Senior English Teacher,
Afflatus Global School,

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