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“BUILDING A NEW STATE” - Study Material



Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was born at Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu. He was the eleventh president to India and was conferred India’s highest civilian award ‘Bharat Ratna’ in 1997. During his tenure from 2002-2007 he was popularly known as ‘’people’s president’’.

In the present lesson, ‘’Building a new state” (taken from ‘Ignited Minds’) we will come to know his experiences and findings during the four visits to Jharkhand state. Dr. Kalam had already visited Jharkhand state for three times before the month of September 2001. The first two visits brought him very close to the core competence that the state possessed. He had been made Patron of the Science and Technology Council of the state and his purpose of that fourth visit was to work out a developmental programme in the areas of herbs, forest products and other natural resources in order to increasing income to the state.

According to Dr. Kalam all the components for developing Jharkhand state such as – fertile area, good rainfall, tall trees, rich vegetation and industrious people were there. Kalam expressed in his own words that they made some progress on the fourth visit. Later, along with his members of the mission he started for Bokaro, the steel city despite the rough weather. While flying in a helicopter he was struck by looking the clean environment by totally forgetting himself.

In his addressing to the Chinmaya Vidyalaya students Dr. Kalam reinforced his keen observation by expressing a statement that the state had all the needed wealth. He tried to motivate all the young children to work very hard in the “mission mode” by making best use of minerals in abundance in their state. Dr. Kalam thought their contribution to the state itself could be tremendous. He also felt that the education system needed to be improved very urgently when he went round the exhibition put up by the same school children.

            Dr. Kalam continued his other engagements after the function at Chinmaya Vidyalaya. He had a meeting due at the town hall where he had to speak on “Jharkhand’s Core Competence and Industries.” During the meeting a very pertinent question was posed by the audience about raw material that was exported from many ports to other countries. In answer, Dr. A.P.J. narrated a conversation that he had with Dr. Jose Paul, chairman of the Mormugao Port Trust during his short stay in Goa. Dr. Kalam came to know from the words of Dr. Jose Paul that 30 million tonnes of iron ore was exported from only Mormugao Port alone that to for a low price. The same ore if it is utilized here, it would generate far more income because of “value addition’’ which is not properly focused and blindly ignored by India.

            The next day Dr. Kalam travelled to the Bokaro steel plant and was impressed with the scale of the plant and hundreds of hardworking men over there but he was disappointed a lot to see that there were no industrial estates around it, utilising the steel produced there to make various products. He was told that the setting up of industrial estate, came under state purview. He was not happy for such compartmentalised thinking and for the fragmented governance.

            Soon after this, while travelling by the flight back to Delhi, Dr. Abdul Kalam kept on thinking how Jharkhand state could best be helped. According to him what were needed were a few major missions to transform the state and a time-frame. In addition to this, the state and the centre would need to make an integrated effort. He firmly hoped that the ‘’mission mode’’ operations would bring rapid development at minimum cost. Throughout the lesson we can sense that Dr. Kalam and his mission members were highly dedicated and totally committed to their assigned task.
Prepared by:
Byreddy Balaji Reddy,
Sr. Lecturer in English,
HOD i/c, Dept. of English,


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