Monday, 20 January 2014

Best tips to improve your Spoken English

Since English as become the globalized language, it is inevitable for everyone to learn this language without escaping. I wish to tell you all one thing that learning English is not really difficult but conversely it is rather easy to learn if you work hard and follow some tips systematically.

Here are some best tips for you to improve your Spoken English:
  • First of all develop confidence in you that you can learn and speak English.
  • Read English newspaper, Children’s novels, magazines etc. for 20 minutes every day to get comfortable with the language.
  • Try to write something or somebody in English every day. It would help you to form right sentences within a considerable span of time.
  • Start Speaking in English with the people whom you know better first and then try to speak English with unknown people also.
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes in front of others. Speak whatever the sentences that you come in your mind first and then later you can correct them.
  • Keep on learning 3 new words every day in English this will enhance your vocabulary.
  • Watch movies and other programmes in English on T.V.
  • Find a friend who has also similar interest in improving English so that you can practice together, correct each other and learn together.
  • By following these tips I give you 100% guarantee that you can surely Speak English without any doubt.


Byreddy Balaji Reddy,
Senior Lecturer in English,


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