Saturday, 28 December 2013

Tips to Improve your English Vocabulary

You might have observed one thing while talking to someone in English i.e., with less vocabulary you can’t speak fluently and often you will struggle a lot which word that you should use in that particular context. Unless you improve your vocabulary it is impossible to maintain proper fluency.

Which words should you learn? You will hear and read many new words. It will be difficult to remember all of them. Therefore, you will have to pick out the words that you most want to learn and use in your day-to-day conversations.
Best Tips to improve your vocabulary:
  • You should learn words in context. Don’t just memorize them. Notice how and where a word or expression is used.
  •  Whatever the word that you learn try to use it as many times as possible so that you can’t forget it anymore.
  • Try to find an interesting article in a newspaper or a magazine and then read slowly and underline the difficult words. With the help of a dictionary know their meanings and how to use them.
  • Listen to English as much as possible and if you listen any new word note it in a small note pad and then start using it.
  • Write new words and expressions in a separate note book and when you find leisure time start revising them and remembering them.
  • One of the simple tips to develop your vocabulary is start writing about something. Writing dairy is also very helpful.
  • Watching English movies and television shows is an important thing for improving your English and learning new English words.

Prepared by: Byreddy Balaji Reddy,
Senior Lecturer in English,

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