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Test your knowledge on Homi Jehangir Bhabha Lesson

I. Comprehensive questions on Homi Jehangir Bhabha

1.       Who was Homi Jehangir Bhabha?
2.       Homi was popularly known as the -----------------------------
3.       Name the two institutions that were set up by Bhabha------------------
4.       Do you agree that Homi is a multifaceted personality? If yes, why?
5.       Homi was born on---------------, in-----------------
6.       Homi was born in -------------- family
7.       What was Homi’s grandfather?
8.       Who were the parents of Homi?
9.       What was the cause of young Homi’s insomnia?
10.   Homi was related to ---------------------
11.   Who was Lady Tata?
12.   Lady Tata wanted Homi to receive------------------------------
13.   At the age of 15, Homi studied at the -------------------
14.   What was the one thing Homi’s father insisted on during Homi’s childhood, resisting pressure from the rest of the family?
15.   Two of Homi’s noteworthy feats were at the age of fifteen------------------------------------
16.   Name two privileges young Homi enjoyed, which would benefit him later in life.
17.   Homi’s maternal aunt name -------------------
18.   Young Homi was fond of -------------------------------
19.   Where did young Homi spend his large amount of time?
20.   The Tatas had excellent relations with ---------------------------
21.   As Homi was growing up he developed --------------------------------------
22.   Homi went on to study at ---------------------------College in Bombay.
23.   Which institute that Homi attended till 1927 in Bombay -------------------------------
24.   Homi’s father and his uncle insisted him to --------------------------------------------
25.   Homi enrolled at --------------------College at Cambridge University in England
26.   Name the theoretical physicist with Homi closely interacted.
27.   Was it true that the atmosphere at Cambridge not inspiring Homi?
28.   Homi wanted to become an engineer or a metallurgist. Is it true or false?
29.   Homi wanted to study ----------------------- subjects.
30.   Homi wrote many letters to his father. Is it true?
31.   Homi and his father reached a compromise regarding his education, which kept them both happy? What was that compromise?
32.   Homi studied mathematical studies under------------------------------------
33.   Homi was working at the  famous ------------------------ Laboratory under the leadership of -------------------------
34.   Name a few awards and grants that were received by Bhabha.
35.   Which studentship allowed Homi to visit the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen-----------------
36.   What was the interest that stayed with Homi?
37.   Homi received his doctorate in -------------------------
38.   Homi published his paper entitled -----------------------------------------------------------------------
39.   In 1934, Homi’s paper won him the-----------------------------------
40.   In 1939, Homi obtained ------------------------------------
41.   Which historical incident prompted Homi Bhabha’s stay in India and his contribution to Indian Scientific development?
42.   During the World War II Bhabha was in India. Was it true?
43.   Bhabha published some works in a journal commissioned by --------------------
44.   In 1941, Bhabha was elected as a ----------------------------------------------------
45.   Bhabha was invited to lecture at many universities in England? Is it true or false?
46.   Homi was offered permanent positions at -----------------------------------------------
47.   Name two of Homi Bhabha’s reasons for setting up TIFR.
48.   Professor BBR was the Chairman of the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust. Is it true?
49.   Homi wrote a famous proposal to Sir -------------------, the Chairman of the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust.
50.   The trustees of the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust accepted Homi’s proposal in the year ---------------
51.   The Government of Bengal showed interest in becoming a joint founder of TIFT? Was it true?
52.   Homi acquired many paintings from ------------------- to adorn the walls of the institute.
53.   Bhabha shared a special relationship with ------------------, a great painter.
54.   Amongst the many awards Bhabha won, one led to a special opportunity. Which award was that?
55.   Bhabha attracted various eminent foreign and domestic scientists to ------------------------------
56.   The institute (TIFR) even moved into the campus of ---------------------------------------------------
57.   TIFR gives weight to caste and creed. Was it true or false?

II. Match the words and their meanings:
To make something look more attractive by decorating it
Famous and respected
To absorb something, especially information
A special right or advantage that a particular person or group of people has
So interested in one thing that you are not aware of anything else
Having many different aspects
Deserving to be noticed or to received attention because it is unusual, important or interesting
Customs and behaviour that are considered typical of a particular social group or community
Considering a  whole thing, or being, to be more than a collection of parts

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