Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tips to Overcome Homesick feeling

College is a new chapter in your life and the start of living life on your own. The sooner you get over being homesick, the better off you will be. You will always have your family, and being separated is just a part of life. Enjoy your college experience to its fullest.
  • Throw yourself into your studies, but make sure not to over exert yourself.
  • Pick up a hobby, find something to keep yourself busy and keep your mind off of home.
  • Make friends with similar interests and start chatting with them and this will relax your mind.
  • Whenever you feel like you’re getting homesick, do something with friends that will entertain you.
  • Try not to call home all of the time. This will make you miss your family even more.
  • Let yourself have fun.
  • The main point in this is to keep yourself busy. Doing exercises, completing the work given by the lecturers in the college etc. As long as you are keeping yourself busy through the whole day, you won’t even think about being homesick.
  • Tyr these tips you will definitely come out from homesick feeling and can stay happily either in the hostel or room. Wish you a happy and fruitful study and good luck.

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