Monday, 25 November 2013

Noun and its Number

Nouns are either singular or plural. A singular noun refers to just one person, animal, thing or place while a plural noun represents more than one person, animal, thing or place. Students are advised to study the following points and take care while using these mentioned words in your writings and conversations.

1)   The following nouns are considered plural and hence they take a plural verb: Jeans, panties, pants, pyjamas, shorts, tights, trousers, pliers, scissors, belongings, particulars, sandals, slippers, Glasses (spectacles), headphones, and binoculars.

                      Eg: These spectacles are not mine.
                            My glasses are used only for reading purpose.

·         But "A pair of" can be used with the above plural nouns and take a singular verb.
Eg: A new pair of stainless steel scissors is what I need now.

·      There are a few nouns that are always considered plural: Clothes, earnings, cattle, police, assets, thanks and people.
                                              Eg: The police are investigating the case.
                                                      His assets are meagre.

2)   Nouns which are plural in form but take a singular verb: Athletics, economics, gymnastics, linguistics, mathematics, mechanics, news, measles, mumps, physics and politics.

          Eg:  Mathematics was my favourite subject at school.

3)      Measurements and amounts that are considered as a single unit for example:

          Eg: Ten kilometres is a long distance.
                Twenty dollars is not enough to buy a good shirt.

4)     Nouns such as – information, hair, fish, airplane, news are usually seen as singular nouns and they take a singular verb.

          Eg: The information sent by you is not really sufficient.

5)      Some collective nouns such as – committee, team, herd, jury, council etc. usually take singular verbs.

          Eg: The herd was seen passing through the tunnel.


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